“Breaking the Conspiracy of Silence behind voilence against women and girl children

Today more than 1000 school and college children attended this function.
we from Bhumika mobilized some funds and distributed sweets,biscuits,water and fruity.
all the students belongs to Govt. schools and colleges.
the meeting went well.
children performed so many cultural programes.
we are so happy to observe that children made so many posters on WHAT IS GOOD TOUCH AND WHAT IS BAD TOUCH.

A campaign on “Breaking the Conspiracy of Silence” was initiated in about 100 schools and colleges in Hyderabad, Secunderabad and Rangareddy districts from 25th to 10th December. The major objectives of the campaign are: building solidarity, dissemination of information and sensitization of larger sections of the society, particularly men on the need to break silence and more particularly the conspiracy behind the silence with regard to increasing crime rate of violence on women and girls. The target group for this rally would be adolescent girls and boys with focus on violence and abuse in schools & colleges.


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