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HYDERABAD May 11, 2007

A helping hand for women in distress
Wednesday March 15 2006 09:01 IST

United we help: The five-member team, which has embarked upon the mission to save harassed women

HYDERABAD: It’s an all-women team. They are crusading against violence on women. Their weapon is a magazine.

The five-member team, headed by K Satyavathi, Editor of Streevada Patrika Bhumika, a Telugu monthly, has come up with a toll-free helpline (No 18004252908) service to aid women in distress in the State.

Though the 12-hour free service (8 AM to 8 PM) is meant for its readers, other women can also utilise it. There is already good response to the helpline, which will be formally launched on March 16.

The team has already received more than 2 dozen calls from various parts of the State. Most of the calls are pertaining to harassment for dowry and abuse.

Talking to this , Satyavathi said the gender bias had not declined despite the rise in educational levels among women.

“This forced us to start a helpline. We have an extended network with the Legal Service Authority and other organisations to help women in distress,” she said.

Several Non-Governmental Organisations like Roshni, a city-based counselling centre, and OXFAM have come forward to help them in their endeavour. The other members of the team are Prasanna Kumari (administration in-charge,) M Manjula (does data processing for the magazine), Sudha Rani (assistant) and S Laxmi (circulation in-charge).

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